Larry ’74 and 唐娜 James Bequeath Black Art Collection to 哥伦布艺术博物馆

When Larry James ’74 was approached in 1987 about assuming the role of board president of the King 艺术 Complex, 哥伦布的一个文化艺术中心, 俄亥俄州, devoted to preserving and promoting the cultural expressions of African Americans, the arts community joked that what the attorney knew about art could fit in a teaspoon. 但他们相信他是“可以训练的”.”

强烈鼓励接受领导角色, 拉里觉得他无法拒绝, 在35年的时间里, 他不仅爱上并欣赏黑人艺术, 他和他的配偶, 唐娜, 积累了大量的收藏品, including more than 60 pieces now on display at the 哥伦布艺术博物馆. 很多展品 一起向前: Promised Gifts from the Collection of 唐娜 and Larry James will become part of the museum’s permanent collection through a bequest by the Jameses.

1989年结婚后, 这对夫妇制定了一个艺术预算, and various mentors in the art community helped them decide which pieces to purchase. 阿奇Listenbee老., 芝加哥Listenbee Collection的共同所有者, 从一开始就有很大的影响. Listenbee would introduce him to a piece of art and “from there it just blossomed,“拉里说.

“The relationship with the arts community was such that the artist would come to you.”

克拉布布朗公司的管理合伙人 & James LLP in Columbus, Larry initially chose pieces that were “striking to the eye.” He began looking at oils on canvas, watercolors, then sculptures.

“Once your taste and your appetite gain a little bit of sophistication, your eye adjusts,” he says. “Then you reach that point of affordability, and your span is much more open.”

一起向前 features prominent Black artists such as Elizabeth Catlett, 雅各布·劳伦斯, 和威廉·卡特, 以及当地艺术家Aminah Robinson, 烟雾缭绕的布朗, 莱维Isik, 和奥马尔笔.

根据兰丽缇Maciejunes的说法, executive director and CEO of the 哥伦布艺术博物馆, 詹姆斯夫妇承诺将展出28位艺术家的近60幅作品. Eighteen of those artists are currently not represented in the museum’s collection.

One of the priorities we have right now at the museum is to expand our collection in very thoughtful ways so that it reflects the lived experience of all of us. So, to diversify and enrich the collection is incredibly important, 这一下子就做了一件大事.
兰丽缇Maciejunes, executive director and CEO of the 哥伦布艺术博物馆, speaking at the member opening of the exhibit on March 3, 2022

致力于扩大黑人艺术家的影响力, Larry has encouraged Columbus art galleries to broaden their collections to be more diverse, which has both created new customer bases for the galleries while also sparking an interest among their current client base.

“我明白支持艺术家的重要性, 特别是黑人艺术家, and having other people grow to appreciate it and see it and grow the group of people that are acquiring that art, (包括)美国公司和其他专业人士,拉里说:“, 谁把克拉布的墙壁都弄脏了, 棕色(的) & 詹姆斯在市中心的办公室,还有他的收藏品.

“这就像教学. You’ve got to take the pupil/student where you find them and, [with education], they grow.”

拉里对艺术的欣赏始于威登堡, with what he describes as “the full education of the being” that included exposure to 剧院, 文学, 音乐, 政治科学, and more, and created in him a “thirst and hunger for knowledge.”

“I don’t have that deep academic, intellectual appreciation,” he says. “[I’m] just someone who appreciates the importance of it and the joy of it.”

Photos courtesy of 哥伦布艺术博物馆 unless otherwise noted.

艺术的忠实支持者, he has served on the boards of the Lincoln Theatre Association, 大哥伦布艺术委员会, 哥伦布艺术博物馆, 和当代美国戏剧公司, 以及克利夫兰摇滚名人堂.


Spending much time at home during the coronavirus pandemic and 唐娜’s recent recovery from breast cancer has underscored just how important the art on their walls has become to them. 这对夫妇说,这是一段“美妙”的时光, wonderful soothing experience being in the company of those pieces.”

“艺术——还有音乐, in a lot of ways – has an ability to take us places that in some instances we couldn’t have imagined,“拉里说. “500万彩票网在艺术中看到的, 500万彩票网在音乐中听到的, 这取决于500万彩票网在生活中的位置, 正是这些时刻陪伴着500万彩票网.

500万彩票网已经有福. It’s just a joyous journey, and I couldn’t imagine life without it. 我只是无法想象没有它的生活.”

关于拉里·H. 詹姆斯:我是克拉布布朗公司的合伙人 & James LLP, James earned his law degree from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. 除了支持艺术, 他曾在监护服务委员会任职, 凯尼恩学院, 里肯巴克公司港务局, 更大的哥伦布公约 & 旅游局,哥伦布动物园等等. He is general counsel to the National Fraternal Order of Police and the 俄亥俄州 FAIR Plan, and is a co-founder of the African American Leadership Academy. He and 唐娜 received the American Red Cross of Greater Columbus’ Humanitarians of the Year Award in 2012.

一起向前: Promised Gifts from the Collection of 唐娜 and Larry James is on display at the 哥伦布艺术博物馆 until Oct. 2, 2022. 很多展品 will become part of the museum’s permanent collection through a bequest by the Jameses. 欲了解更多信息,请访问下面的链接.


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